Custom Surveillance Solutions

Do you have unique needs or wants from your surveillance and security systems? Our team can help you solve almost any problem. Want to integrate with your access control? Or need Point of Sale data to tie into your video? OVS can help you with your customer.

While some vendors offer many products, with little to no support, others steer you toward a narrow list of solutions that make them the most money. At OVS, we carry enough products to fit your needs – not change them. For government installations, we also offer GSA schedule pricing, which can allow your installs to be on budget according to approved specifications.

Custom hardware and solutions

We can build on a platform that suits your situation. We can custom-build to your needs. Redundancy of power supplies and data storage. Small or large form factor systems. Cloud access and recording.

Custom integrations

Point of Sale, automation tie-in’s, Artificial Intelligence ,and access control connectivity are all part of what we do.

Other Services

End to End System Design

At OVS, we take the time to learn what are customers plan to accomplish and how they plan to do it. We have both the answers you want and the ones you didn’t think to ask for. We recommend the ideal cameras, recorders, and other equipment to fit your needs.
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System Training (Onsite and Remote)

Any security system is only as effective as the people who use it. At OVS, we offer remote and onsite training to make the latest technology come to life. When the onsite workers understand the system, the entire organization is more secure.
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Install Support & Troubleshooting

Even the best-designed systems can be challenging when it’s time to go live. OVS can support you and your installation at every step. There’s no need to rely on hope alone when it’s time to power up. We can be there, onsite or remote, to help you through.
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Not Sure Where to Start?

There are so many ways to set up your customer's system. We provide best-of-breed products in the surveillance marketplace.
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Save Time
Professional System design speeds selection and implementation.
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Industry Leading Components
Future-proof your investment by getting equipment that meets your needs.