New Digital Watchdog Camera Line

Digital Watchdog's New Camera Line

DW®’s MEGApix® IP cameras remove the complexity of network powered devices, providing unbeatable crystal-clear megapixel resolution image quality and advanced features. The cameras transmit data and receive power over the same network cable, eliminating the need to run separate cables for power and control. MEGApix cameras are easy to use with features like UPnP and an intuitive web-based UI. MEGApix® is a powerful, state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible for our customers to view live and playback video from their cameras anywhere in the world. Single-sensor MEGApix® cameras feature state-of-the-art user-friendly technology providing unbeatable crystal-clear megapixel video in resolutions of up to 9MP and real-time 30fps.

DW® MEGApix® PANO multi-sensor cameras are the first in the industry to deliver full frame HD video streams at up to real-time 30fps. They are available in resolutions of 2.1MP/1080p and up to the World’s First 48 Megapixel Camera (4x12MP sensors). Operating as several cameras in a single housing, HD multi-sensor cameras allow you to see more with a single installation, reducing all related costs, such as cabling and labor.

DW’s Camera as a System edge solutions allow business owners to setup a complete single- or multi-site surveillance system by simply installing one to 12 cameras at each location. DW’s CaaS cameras operate as edge recorders, storing high definition IP video locally on an SD card (choice of 64 or 128GB). The cameras can easily be managed via the full-featured DW Spectrum® IPVMS preinstalled on the cameras. The software lets you access your system from any computer, any mobile phone and any tablet, with no recurring fees or high network bandwidth dependencies. No software to buy and install, no license keys and no OS to maintain.

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