Markets Served

OV Solutions provides a top-of-the-line surveillance platform within each customer's budget. We focus on meeting the surveillance needs of our customers today while also planning for what they will need in the future. Our system can work with existing analog cameras and add IP technology to the same server. The solutions we offer can work over an existing network, reducing material and installation costs while providing an outstanding result.

K-12 Education and Universities
Modern school officials are tasked with finding ways to protect the security and safety of their students within the constraints of a budget. The OV Solutions platform can help manage and protect those interests. Each system designed for schools is custom built to the customer's current needs while also factoring in what they may need down the road. Our platform offers current DVR/NVR technology, state of the art cameras, and everything in between to make the installation and end product top of the line.

Increased medical costs and limited resources are two critical issues facing healthcare today. OV Solutions brings new technology that provides the best solution for your healthcare facility. Our surveillance systems help to increase care of the patients while maximizing staff productivity, and protecting assets/equipment. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their patients. Our surveillance platform follows suit. It allows for monitoring needs to be met now and gives room for expansion in the future.

Government Facilities
The need for video coverage and surveillance at many government facilities is becoming more important in today's changing world. At OV Solutions, we work with you each step of the way to make sure your needs are being met for every unique location. The OV Solutions platform is very secure. If you are looking for something to cover an office building or an Air Force base, OV Solutions can provide the customized solutions to suit your needs.

Prisons, Jails, Court Houses
OV Solutions helps security officials keep a watchful eye on people in jails and prisons. We manufacture a wide variety of cameras and systems to help and protect those in need. We make sure you have ample space to retain video for mandated amounts of time. We build each system to custom specifications that ensure your expectations and requirements are met. Many of these facilities have existing analog technology and wire runs that can be difficult to access and expensive to replace, but we have technology that uses the wire in place to yield a high video resolution using new cameras.

Manufacturing and Process Control
Manufacturing companies have production timed to the minute. If a machine fails, it could throw off a whole day of production. Keeping an eye on things to find out what went wrong, what setting was changed, or where an accident occurred is something that is critical for safety and productivity. OV Solutions offers the necessary technology to help. With a custom built system and high speed imaging cameras, our systems help identify issues with production and processes. Our software has the ability to link with process control data at each individual plant and allows management an overall view to make sure production and processes are running at the desired rate. Our technology has also been used to confirm or deny workers compensation claims and make sure details of the incident are on hand to verify with company directors. Providing a customized system that fits your production and process control requirements is something we are passionate about.

Surveillance in the retail industry is a necessity. Retailers worry about catching shoplifters and making sure products are ringing correctly at the register. OV Solutions can link cameras to Point of Sale software to help each location operate at optimum potential. This process helps match sales to register receipts and make sure inventory counts are correct. This all goes toward making the store run smoother and relieving stress for management. Our custom platforms are made to the specifications each individual retailer may need, no matter how different one is from the other.

Multi-Tenant Housing Complexes
Housing complexes may need or be required to have a surveillance system to keep track of who comes and goes and activities happening on site. A custom solution gets you what you need today as well as allowing for future growth. We make each meeting personal and figure out what coverage will work best for your situation. Our custom platforms allow us to tackle any size job and get a quality product on the right budget. We have products ranging from small indoor cameras to outdoor pan/tilt/zoom models to make sure the complex and housing is completely covered to your specifications.

Operational efficiency and the safety of guests and staff are typically a restaurant's most importation security considerations. OV Solutions has a platform that addresses these needs. Our team meets with restaurant management to identify challenges and the best options that provide the coverage and security each establishment seeks. Our software allows management to oversee and watch multiple locations from a corporate office or location, giving ownership and management peace of mind. If you are looking for coverage to make sure your operation is running smoothly and you patrons and staff are safe, the OV Solutions team can help.

Athletic Complexes
Going to an athletic complex and not being able to be with or see your child the whole time can be a concerning for parents. Implementing a camera system with a public view monitor allows parents to see their kids. This can make your establishment more marketable and provide comfort to parents. If you are looking for recorded video and surveillance, or if you are looking for cameras to cover the establishment and give a live view to onlookers, we can help.